WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins are one of the most impressive parts of the WordPress platform because they allow you to transform or modify the functionality of your website quickly. However, when the 59k plugins available don't meet your needs, custom WordPress plugin development is often the only choice a business has. As a trusted Tulsa WordPress plugin development provider, Maennche Virtual CMO can help equip your website with the features you are missing.

According to the most recent data from CodeCanyon, roughly 80% of all WordPress plugin searches focus on increased functionality. Some specific things people are searching for include calendar integrations, banner sliders, custom forms, and much more. No matter what functionality you might need, we can help update your existing plugins to achieve new functionality or build you a custom WordPress plugin from scratch. The possibilities are endless when you partner with our Tulsa WordPress developers.

Wordpress Plugins Development

No matter what type of WordPress plugin you need to be created, our talented developers have the skills and experience required to help. We will not only build your custom WordPress plugin, but we can continue to provide regular updates to keep it functioning in conjunction with your theme updates or eliminate conflicts with existing plugins that need to be also used. Have you ever had ongoing support like that for your development projects?

Why is Custom WordPress Plugin Development a Smart Choice?

Most business owners understand that their website is their most valuable digital property. Taking steps to ensure that you have the functionality needed to succeed or improve your back-end processes is a no-brainer. When you partner with Maennche Virtual CMO for custom WordPress plugin development services, you can rest easy knowing that your projects are in good hands.

Custom WordPress Plugins are Affordable

While standard custom software development can be costly, custom WordPress plugin development is often a much easier process – resulting in less coding time and improved functionality. Regardless of your goals, our team can provide a quick quote to reach your desired minimum viable product, then continue to improve the plugin over time as business needs change.

Custom WordPress Plugins are Easily Integrated

Maennche Virtual CMO adheres to all coding standards for developing plugins that have been outlined by WordPress. This ensures seamless integration with the WordPress core and allows the plugin to start providing the support needed without increasing vulnerabilities immediately. To expand this support further, we can even provide documentation.

Custom WordPress Plugins are Scalable 

Our team knows that the needs of our customers will continue to change as their business grows. That's why we take an incremental approach to development to cut costs and only update functionality as they are needed. Maennche Virtual CMO's developers follow updated PHP and WordPress standards to ensure continued backward compatibility – no matter how advanced your plugin becomes. 

Why is Custom WordPress Plugin Development a Smart Choice?

We are asked this common question when our customers find out that we provide custom WordPress plugin development. Our talented WordPress plugin developers in Tulsa can likely make it a reality no matter your vision. All it takes is a simple idea, and we can help take care of the technical details and figure out the best way to make it work.

Here are some great starting points to start your journey into custom WordPress plugin development: 

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    Custom WordPress Plugin Development

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    WordPress Plugin Customization

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    WordPress Plugin Integration

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    WordPress Plugin Configuration

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    WordPress Plugin Upgradation

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    WordPress Plugin Maintenance

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    WordPress Extensions and Add-Ons

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    WordPress WooCommerce Integration

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    WordPress Magento Integration

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    WordPress Paywall Plugin Development

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    WordPress Salesforce Integration

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Our Past Software Development Projects

Wealth Warriors is a veteran-owned and operated 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation that provides financial protection tools to consumers with the same integrity found in military services. Maennche Virtual CMO was contacted to develop plugins that enable background checks for service providers and membership plugins to expand needed functionality.

TGI Greek is one of the longest-standing Greek apparel companies in the United States. To improve the experience that sorority and fraternity customers have, Maennche Virtual CMO was contacted to develop plugins to achieve Salesforce and OrderMyGear integration. With this functionality unlocked, the business reached a higher level of eCommerce success.

Your Online Digital Assistant (YODA) works to provide businesses with the tools they need to be successful online. Maennche Virtual CMO was contacted to create a dedicated analytics plugin called YODA Tools that simplifies the process of connecting Google Analytics. This allows for easy analytics tracking with minimal knowledge of setting up tracking.

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Finding a software developer that can fulfill all of a project's requirements is critical for continued success. While most developers will only specialize in one particular field, Maennche has the knowledge and technical expertise required to complete any software development requirements a client may have. We would love to hear more about your vision! Contact us today to book a consultation appointment and learn what is possible.