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As a developer we are regularly asked to develop pages a little outside of our normal duties. A fair percentage of these requests (at least for me) usually consist of...
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Assume that x is a variable that has been declared as an int and been given a value.

LANGUAGE: C++ CHALLENGE: Assume that x is a variable that has been declared as an int and been given a value. Assume that twice is a function that receives a...
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The Benefits of Using Custom Software

More and more small businesses are turning to custom-built software these days.  They have realized the benefits of having their own piece of software and have come to enjoy the ease of use and the convenience of adding all their data in one place.  There are many software development companies out there, but finding the right fit for your company can become overwhelming. Here are just a few things to consider when deciding if a piece of custom software would benefit your company.

  • Built by Experienced Developers

  • Custom Software is Scalable

  • Shields you from External Threats

  • Save on Hardware Costs

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Maennche previously served as Vice President of Operations for DirecTV and DISH Network fulfillment service companies, where he transformed them into multi-million dollar companies with reputations for high-quality work. At the same time, he greatly expanded their operations to other regions of the country. Maennche has also owned and managed his own companies using a proven strategy of transparency, efficiency and exceptional customer service which led to high customer satisfaction and rapid growth.


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