As a developer we are regularly asked to develop pages a little outside of our normal duties. A fair percentage of these requests (at least for me) usually consist of a dynamic pdf. Since turning down a project is never an option, I have acquired a tool in my toolbox to help me with these special tasks. If you do not have FPDF in your tool chest I strongly recommend taking a peak. It is by no means a new piece of software but it is supported by asp and php, very well documented and, oh yeah, it’s FREE.

FPDF has a small learning curve but it’s not bad, simply download the required version, make sure you have write access to the directory chosen during the install and keep the FPDF web page open in your browser for reference. With no interruption (That is the hard part) you will have created your first basic pdf in a matter of minutes.

If you develop in Classic ASP here is a link to help you get started with FPDF.


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