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It’s no secret that the fastest path to success is by building a solid team.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be tough to navigate successfully. Each Social Media Marketing platform is unique and has a specific audience. Why waste your money advertising to an audience not interested in purchasing your product?

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click Campaigns can introduce new customers to your product at the exact moment they are looking to purchase. This time frame is called a Micro Moment and is many times the difference between failure and success.

Website Design & Development

Do you want your website to be an online brochure or an around the clock sales person?

We can help with either but the path to success revolves around the answer to that question.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

While it is important to be #1 on Google it is far more important to understand what phrases you want to rank #1 for and which search engines are most likely to produce sales for your business.

Why Choose Us

Did you know that since this page was made specifically to promote Online Marketing Services in Edmond, Oklahoma?

Because of it’s intended purpose we could use phrases like Web Design Edmond or Edmond Internet Marketing to help the page perform better for those specific phrases on search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex. Many Search Engine Specialist believe this practice  alone is all that is needed in order to make your website #1 on Google.

As you can tell we are either super confident that our abilities are superior to other website design specialists or we are super goofy and just gave away the keys to the castle. In either case we are super excited you visited our website and hope to meet you soon, perhaps at one of the many FREE small business marketing workshops we conduct every year.

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Looking for something a little different? Have you ever heard of a vCMO?

A vCMO can Locate New Talent for Individual Areas of your Marketing.

As our businesses grow we realize that we need to delegate some of the more medial tasks that require our time. It is this revelation that leads us down the path of hiring someone to manage our Facebook or Twitter posts. Perhaps you have written one too many of those pesky blog posts or even worse have already not been writing them because you can’t ever think of anything to say.

A vCMO understands the ins and outs of why each of those tasks are important and can therefore find very qualified candidates you can leverage to free up your time so you can do what you do best.

a vCMO can find Business Talent
A vCMO can Negotiate Contracts

A vCMO can Negotiate Contracts

Another very common area for vCMO’s to prove their value is in contract negotiation. When hiring a web developer, social media expert, buying a billboard or on air time for your commercials a vCMo knows the right questions to ask and how to ask them insuring that you get what you need out of your investment and at the best price possible.

A vCMO Brings Diversity to your Company

Perhaps one of the most valuable assets a vCMO brings to the table is his/her experience. As part of your team I can be part of those brain-storming sessions and many times offer solutions that you and your team were not even aware existed.
a vCMO brings Diversity to your Team
Structure Your Marketing Efforts with a vCMO

A vCMO can Structure your Marketing Efforts

In order to be effective and efficient, an organization’s marketing needs to consistent and constructed to communicate the same overall message. In order to accomplish this consistency you will need a team member tasked with overseeing each piece of the marketing arm.


The title for such a position is literally a Chief Marketing Officer.

A vCMO can Inspect What you Expect

Ok, so perhaps you already have someone that takes care of your website, a team member who manages your Facebook or Twitter page, a long-time acquaintance who sells you billboards and the friendly Phone-book directory guy who handles your phone-book listings.

Unless they each own interest in your business, they are not likely to have your company’s best interest in mind. Even if no harm is intended there is not really any reason for them to look at things from the 30,000 foot view in order to see how things could be done more efficiently or to suggest different methods to accomplish your goals. As a vCMO that is only interested in your success, I can confidently tell you that ALL of my clients would support me in saying if for no other reason your business could benefit by hiring a vCMO to inspect what you expect.

Many times businesses invest in marketing channels that don’t really make sense simply because they do not know any better.

a vCMO can analyze your campaign performance

focus on what’s important, innovative

and begin the Best Year in your Company's History

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