There is an endless supply of companies who can perform Website Design and Social Media services, but who manages those companies to insure that what they are producing is in the best interest of your business?

In the corporate world that position is so important it is an executive level position and is called a Chief Marketing Officer.

If you are a small business you likely do not have the budget for such a high level position.

This is why a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer or vCMO exists.

Why? Well, it comes down to trust. As Small Business owners we have a very tight budget and as such we need to feel a certain level of Warm & Fuzzy about each purchase we make especially when it comes to trying new things. In general Small Business owners realize that Website Designers and Social Media Experts are simply trying to make a living but if we can not see a direct correlation between the money spent on such professionals and the amount of new business coming in then things can get a little well ... stressful.

A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer or vCMO is someone who understands marketing on a very large scale but rather than working for a huge company decides to spread their knowledge and services across many small businesses. This creates an invaluable opportunity for small business owners. I mean how often can you add a new team member that would normally cost $150,000 plus a year for only a couple hundred dollars per month?

As our businesses grow we realize that we need to delegate some of the more medial tasks that require our time. It is this revelation that leads us down the path of hiring someone to manage our Facebook or Twitter posts. Perhaps you have written one too many of those pesky blog posts or even worse have already not been writing them because you can’t ever think of anything to say.

A vCMO understands the ins and outs of why each of those tasks are important and can therefore find very qualified candidates you can leverage to free up your time so you can do what you do best. Another very common area for vCMO’s to prove their value is in contract negotiation. When hiring a web developer, social media expert, buying a billboard or on air time for your commercials a vCMo knows the right questions to ask and how to ask them insuring that you get what you need out of your investment and at the best price possible. Perhaps one of the most valuable assets a vCMO brings to the table is his/her experience. As part of your team I can be part of those brain-storming sessions and many times offer solutions that you and your team were not even aware existed. In order to be effective and efficient, an organization's marketing needs to consistent and constructed to communicate the same overall message. In order to accomplish this consistency you will need a team member tasked with overseeing each piece of the marketing arm.


The title for such a position is literally a Chief Marketing Officer. Ok, so perhaps you already have someone that takes care of your website, a team member who manages your Facebook or Twitter page, a long-time acquaintance who sells you billboards and the friendly Phone-book directory guy who handles your phone-book listings.

Unless they each own interest in your business, they are not likely to have your company’s best interest in mind. Even if no harm is intended there is not really any reason for them to look at things from the 30,000 foot view in order to see how things could be done more efficiently or to suggest different methods to accomplish your goals. As a vCMO that is only interested in your success, I can confidently tell you that ALL of my clients would support me in saying if for no other reason your business could benefit by hiring a vCMO to inspect what you expect.

Many times businesses invest in marketing channels that don’t really make sense simply because they do not know any better.


My name is Matthew Maennche, and I am a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer.

I have nearly 20 years experience managing marketing campaigns for business all over the world and as a Virtual CMO I offer those services to you at a minimal rate.


By working with several companies on a part time basis I am able to provide you years of experience and education for hundreds of dollars a month as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year a full time candidate would require.


I look forward to Scheduling a Meeting.


Talk to you soon,
Matthew Maennche