Insurance & Transportation Discounts for College Students


    1. Allstate:
      • Good student discount 
        All those A’s can add up. Single, full-time students under the age of 25 can save up to 20% for getting good grades.


    1. Esurance:
      • Pac-12 discount
        Do you attend one of these Pac-12 Schools? If so you could save up to 15% on your premium.

        • University of Arizona
        • Arizona State University
        • University of California at Berkeley
        • University of Colorado Boulder
        • University of Oregon
        • Oregon State University
        • Stanford University
        • University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
        • University of Southern California (USC)
        • University of Utah
        • University of Washington
        • Washington State University


      • Good Student discountBy being a full-time high school, college, or university student under 25 years old with at least a 3.0 GPA (or a “B” average, if your scale is different). At Esurance, we believe when your mind stays sharp, your driving skills tend to follow. You’re typically eligible for the discount while enrolled as a student and up to one year afterward.


    1. Farmers Insurance:
      • Good Student DiscountTo qualify for the good student discount, the driver must be 16 to 24 years of age and a full-time high school student, or enrolled as a full-time college or university student. The driver will have to provide documentation that they are:
        • A full time student, and
        • The school academic records for the previous school semester or quarter (or comparable segment) show the student:
        • Ranked scholastically in the upper 20% of his or her class, or
        • Had a grade average of “B” or better in schools designating grades by letters (no grade below “B” if such systems cannot be averaged), or
        • Had an average of at least a 3.0 for all subjects combined in a school using numerical (4, 3, 2 and 1) grade points, or
        • Was included in the “Dean’s List”, the “Honor Roll” or similar list in a school maintaining such a list designating scholastic achievement.


    1. Geico:
      • Good student Discount
        You could save $100, $150, or even $200 on your car insurance when you maintain a “B” average or better.


    1. State Farm:
      • Good Student DiscountSave up to 25% if you get good grades. The savings last even after you graduate from college, until you turn 25.


  1. Travelers Insurance:
    • Good Student DiscountPolicyholders with a young driver under age 25 with good grades may qualify for a discount of up to 8%.
      • To be eligible for this discount, the student must:
      • Be at least 16 and no older than 25
      • Be enrolled as a full-time student in high school, college or university
      • Maintain a “B” average or better


Public Transportation

    1. Eurail:
      All those A’s can add up. Single, full-time students under the age of 25 can save up to 20% for getting good grades.


  1. Greyhound:
    • Student Discount
      • Save 20% on Greyhound unrestricted walk-up fares or online to thousands of destinations nationwide
      • Save 40% on package shipping sent through Greyhound PackageXpress (shipments within the US only)
      • Save on entertainment, clothing, books and more



    1. Acura:
      • College Graduate Bonus
        A college education offers many benefits and advantages, one of which is the $500 bonus offered through the Acura College Graduate Program. We at Acura Financial Services®(AFS) are proud of your recent accomplishment and look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you. What to do with your $500 savings? The road is wide open before you, take it in a new Acura.


    1. Ford:
      • Student Discount
        Ford College Discounts for full-time and part-time college freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, trade school students and recent graduates. This offer applies to qualifying residents of the United States and only applicable to sales in USA.


    1. General Motors:
      • Student Discount 
        GM College Discount for college students (from any two- or four-year school), recent graduates who have graduated no more than two years ago, and current nursing school and graduate students.


    1. Honda:
      • College Grad Program
        Here’s to hitting every green light on the way to that first interview, or never having to borrow Mom´s minivan again. The little things in life can be huge. Like saving $500 on any 2014 or newer Honda through our Honda College Graduate Program. Hey, you graduated college. Let Honda Financial ServicesSM (HFS) help you celebrate.


    1. Hyundai:
      • Hyundai College Grad Program
        As you move ahead and gear up for what’s next, we’re here to help with a $400 bonus toward the lease or purchase of a brand new Hyundai. Valuable offers for recent college graduates also include a Design Your Own Payment6 feature. So book your appointments. Go on your job interviews. Take your power lunches. With the right moves, you’ve got a Hyundai that will get you there.


    1. Infinity:
      • Signature Graduate
        Infiniti Financial Services is proud to reward those in pursuit of a brighter future. If you completed your degree in the last two years, or if you’re about to graduate, then you can take advantage of the SignatureGRADUATE® Financing Program[*] to acquire a new or pre-owned Infiniti.

        • Low annual percentage rates (APR)
        • Special leasing terms
        • Delayed first payments on a purchase of a new Infiniti


    1. Lexus:
      • College Graduate Program
        We want to help you get started in a new or Certified Pre-Owned Lexus. If you’ve obtained a degree within the last two years or will graduate within the next six months, you may qualify for the Lexus College Graduate Finance Program, featuring a $1,000 reward toward the purchase or lease of select new Lexus vehicles through your Lexus dealer and Lexus Financial Service (LFS).


    1. Mazda:
      • College Graduate Program
        If you are graduating from a qualifying 2- or 4-year college within the next 6 months, or have graduated within the last 24 months, you may be eligible for the Mazda College Graduate Program. The Mazda College Graduate Program is intended to assist college graduates, who may not have sufficient credit history, to purchase or lease a new Mazda vehicle. See your local Mazda dealer to see how this program can help you lease or purchase a new Mazda.


    1. Mitsubishi:
      • College Graduate Program
        If you just got out of college, you’ll be starting a career and making that transition from the academic world to the working world. You have better things to do than worry about how you’ll get to your job. That’s why we offer special financing for recent and upcoming college graduates on the full line of Mitsubishi’s quality vehicles. We make it possible for you to purchase or lease a Mitsubishi vehicle with no money down and at a preferred College Graduate finance/lease rate, even if you do not have an established credit history.


    1. Nissan:
      • College Grad Program
        • Simple “No Haggle, No Hassle” buying experience
        • Pre-negotiated pricing PLUS all applicable incentives
        • Receive one of the best available rates (even if you don’t have prior credit history)
        • 90-day deferred payment option


    1. Scion:
      • College Rebate
        Scion is giving qualified new and recent college grads a $750 rebate on the purchase or lease of any new Scion to help launch you into the next chapter of your lives. Plus, with more than 130 accessories you’ll be able to personalize yours any way you want. And with Pure Price, the price you see is the price you pay. No haggle. No hassle.


  1. Toyota:
    • College Graduate Program
      School may be out for you, graduate, but there’s still more to learn – and earn. If you’ve obtained a degree within the last two years or will graduate within the next six months, you may qualify for the Toyota College Graduate Finance Program, featuring a $750 rebate toward the purchase or lease of select new Toyotas through your Toyota dealer and Toyota Financial Services (TFS).


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