Largest Web Development Scam of 2014

One of the biggest scams regarding web development right now is all wrapped up in three letters “SEO”. Everyone knows the three letters and that they are the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization but very few actually know what that means. Individuals all over the globe receive calls, sometimes even multiple calls, everyday claiming to be an SEO company and promising to get them on the top of the search engines for a monthly fee.

If you believe this is possible then you should do some research, more over if you think that most business owners buy into this gibberish then you are sorely mistaken. Sure it is true that there is a sucker born every day and of course these scam companies would not be out there doing this if there was not money to be made but the entrepreneur, long term business owner, sees right through the smoke and mirrors and has for the most part chosen to proceed with caution.

It is this mindset that provides business for the Craigslist contractors; you know who I am talking about, the individuals that exist solely as bottom feeders working for crazy low rates because they don’t have to pay taxes or support staff members. Heck, they do not even have to provide a warranty because they will most likely be out of business by the time the customer realizes something is not quite right with their website. Even if they are still in business it is not like they have an office you can go visit with someone. Chances are you do not even know where they live because you paid via PayPal.

If all web developers could produce garbage and not be held accountable they could work crazy cheap as well but most wouldn’t. Why, because most developers are in the business to design and create new things. It is the constant allure of evolving technology that provides the adrenaline rush needed to keep them doing what they do, the money only helps pay the bills.


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