Do you have a solid identity for your organization or does it need a few tweaks? If So, What tweaks would you like to see?

Time after time clients show up requesting a website with no idea what content or kind of design they want to incorporate into their website. These are two of the most, if not the most, important elements of a website.

This void usually always ends up with the design team scavenging the available marketing materials to determine what sort of identity the client may have already established. This is a scenario that typically results in more questions than answers. Experience has proven that when the client has no idea what they would like to see they have even less of an idea what their current and potential clients are already seeing.

Sometimes the client has no identity at all and other times they barely have an established, half an image thing going on; but in the real gems, the client has successfully created multiple identities (different versions of their logos, different presentations of the organization’s name with a variety of different slogans). It is going to be a tough day when you have to ask the client which of their four current logos they would like to use on the new website.