JQuery or Mootools, Which is better?

As I began looking for a solid JS Framework I found a plethora of possibilities, however, it did not take long for me to narrow the list down to just two realistic options, JQuery and Mootools. These two frameworks both have their fair share of supporters and opposition. In fact when it comes to comparing the two, a simple Google will reveal that most developers are asking the same question, which is better?

JQuery is by far the more popular of the two frameworks, this could be attributed to the fact that JQuery is older or because it is included with WordPress and Drupal. Perhaps it is the exceptional shorthand offered by JQuery or the fact that it is DOM oriented, requiring less working knowledge of JavaScript. Either way JQuery can be found in the newer versions of both Dreamweaver and Visual Studio and will only gain support in the near future.

Mootools also has increasing popularity, however it is a framework that is API oriented and therefore requires a stronger working knowledge of JavaScript. Because it is API oriented Mootools can offer enhancements to native objects as well as an inheritance system. Two capabilities not included with JQuery. Mootools has a shorthand somewhat similar to that of JQuery but does not have a strong source of documentation. With minimal Googling, it is fairly easy to find the documentation you are looking for but you have a 50% chance that the documentation is accurate. It is this lack of accurate documentation that (in my opinion) reduces the overall support for the framework.

While everyone is asking the same question, MooTools or JQuery which is better? It seems as though they are asking the wrong question. JQuery and Mootools are both tools designed to simplify and/or enhance certain actions while working with JavaScript. They are however just that, tools. Neither of them where designed to replace traditional Javascript. In Fact, just recently David Walsh republished his top 9 reasons why not to hire other web developers. Reason #2 you guessed it, they are a JS Framework Developer. While frameworks are not a bad thing many developers rely too heavily on them causing their software to be bloated and their development abilities to fade.


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